“Who do I want to be during COVID-19?”

Dear Cool Cats and Kittens – Oh how I have been waiting to use that from the Tiger King! How are you guys managing? A lot of us are working, taking care of kids, and watching TV.

Speaking of watching TV and working from home and otherwise trying to stay sane; I found this great chart posted by Beverly Schulz a fellow professional disaster recovery planner. It really got me thinking about some of the questions I have received and how this simple chart helps put things in perspective.

Who do I want to be during COVID-19? That’s a pretty big question. In the immortal words of Maya Angelou, “When people show you who they are; believe them.” Let’s take a moment and think about what we want emotionally for ourselves, and others, during this disaster. Deliberate mindfulness is more important than ever. Especially now that we have some time on our hands.

This is such a powerful image and something to keep at the top of your mind as we work through our own crisis. We each have the power to control how we react to the world around us. Do we want to be in the Fear Zone, Learning Zone, or Growth Zone? I am working hard to get and stay in the Growth Zone.

Now onto getting the word out. We released the website (www.thedisasterlady.com) and the toll-free number (844) HACKHLP yesterday. Please share it with your friends and family. The more that people know about it, the more we can help folks in need.

Until next time…

Stay agile. Stay safe. Stay sane.

The Disaster Lady (Karen)