Coronavirus Response: Ensuring Delivery of Services!

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To Our Valued Clients and Partners:

I am reaching out to you to update you on Assura’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our efforts to ensure that there are no interruptions of service for our clients.

As continuity planning is one of our core services and one of our core values is “Eat Our Own Dogfood,” we have invested time and resources to ensure that recovery strategies are part of our regular operations for events such as this. That said, with the virus being updated to a pandemic today; I thought it best to reach out directly to update you on our capabilities to ensure that our services to you remain uninterrupted.

Our goals for any business continuity event such as a pandemic are as follows:

  • Protect our customers and employees to ensure that appropriate safeguards are taken to slow or prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Ensure that our primary and secondary resources are available and ready to step in to continue services as needed while maintaining our commitment to quality.
  • Being respectful of your organization and sensitive to any changes in service deliverables or timelines to support you as you manage through this event. As always, our services are here to help and not to cause stress as you work through your own response to the outbreak.

We, like other organizations, continue to monitor the outbreak of the Coronavirus. As always, we are utilizing the long-standing company operational strategies that include:

  • Ensuring all employees have the capability to work remotely for extended periods of time with no interruption to client services.
  • Conference call and video conferencing capabilities available on-demand to limit the amount of in-person interaction that our employees have with each other and our clients.
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary resources that are available for all operations should anyone be unavailable.
  • Extra physical precautions such as increased cleaning and sanitization of our facilities and common areas.
  • Mandatory time off for anyone who is sick (regardless of the cause).

While it is our hope that the virus is quickly contained and eliminated, we promise that we will remain at the ready to assist you when needed. Please feel free to reach out to your Assura point-of-contact or even me directly should you have any questions.

We sincerely appreciate our relationship with you and your organization and I thank you for reading this message.

In good health,

Chief Executive Officer