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Looking for a partner to solve your
cybersecurity and compliance challenges?

Assura’s Virtual ISO™ is the answer.

With Virtual ISO™, you can rest assured your organization will have industry-best protection, backed by our AuditArmor® Audit Defense Guarantee. We’ve got you covered, from security policies, procedures, and planning to risk assessment, third-party vendor oversight, and more. We understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every organization, which is why we offer customizable options for this service.

What do you get with Virtual ISO™?

  • Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Security policies, standards, and guidelines
  • Security processes, procedures, and plans
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Security awareness training
  • Security and compliance assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • Third-party vendor oversight
  • Secure system development
  • Investigate and lead the response to security breaches
  • Recurring compliance activities management
  • AuditArmor® Audit Defense

Your total security and compliance solution.

  • We map out a fully functional and compliant program, then build it together
  • You’re guided through all program management decisions
  • You decide how your organization will run the business end of cybersecurity
  • All the unsexy work of documentation will be taken care of by your Virtual ISO™ team
  • Your IT experts implement the necessary technical safeguards
  • We work closely with your IT folks to make sure your system is secure
  • Once the program is in place we continue to keep it maintained and compliant going forward
  • Users are trained in security practices to help defend against attacks
  • We take on cybersecurity planning activities such as system security plans if applicable
  • In the unfortunate event of a cyber incident, we advise on how to handle it

Customizable Virtual ISO™ features and
add-ons to fit any organization’s needs.



  • Assigned primary and backup Information Security Officers
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan development, testing, and exercises
  • Compliant and actionable program implementation and operational roadmap
  • Managed compliance tracking, calendar, and workflows
  • Expert guidance to support your Fractional ISO such as incident response and security engineering experts
  • Program dashboarding and analysis delivered monthly to meet progress goals
  • Enrollment in Assura’s Cyber Heads-Up delivering you immediate alerts about new threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Customized cybersecurity policy and procedures for your organization
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk remediation planning
  • Management and technical security guidance
  • Initial and annual security training for end-users
  • IT disaster recovery plan development, testing, and exercises
  • Sensitive system security plans
  • Monthly social engineering and security awareness campaigns development
  • Initial and annual security training/briefings to executives and boards (*additional charges for travel may be included for in-person training)
  • AuditArmor® Audit Defense Guarantee
  • Other cybersecurity-related task items as mutually agreed



  • Third-party vendor risk assessment and management
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response Management (DFIR)
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) to include internal and external vulnerability scanning, reporting, remediation tracking, and validation of vulnerability remediation activities
  • Penetration Testing
  • Extended Detection & Response (XDR)
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Application Vulnerability Analysis
  • Administration of KnowBe4 security awareness and training tools
  • Cybersecurity engineering support
  • Initial and annual security training for IT system administrators and developers

Compliance and security for any industry.

Guaranteed compliance with the following standards and regulations.










ISO 27001/27002

ISO 31000

IRS 1075


NIST SP 800-53

NIST SP 800-37

NIST SP 800-171





SSAE-18/SOC 2 & SOC for Cybersecurity

State-level data breach reporting and cyber security standards and data protection laws

If you get audited, Assura has you covered. Our AuditArmor® Audit Defense Guarantee means that we guarantee our work to be compliant with the identified cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory requirements (unless waived by you). We defend our work at no additional cost. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, we’re that confident in the quality of our work. We have you covered from entrance conference to exit conference and will work with your auditor or regulator to defend our work. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free. It’s that simple.

How we’ve helped to protect industries like yours.

Protecting a university’s network against both hackers and a student workforce.

A university approached Assura with a unique challenge that most other organizations don’t have. Because they employ students to help run various aspects of the school, they needed a way to ensure these work-study employees didn’t accidentally put the university’s data at risk.

Helping a Virginia municipality discover a dangerous backdoor.

With attacks on municipalities on the rise, a midsized county in Virginia knew it needed to improve its cybersecurity posture. The problem was they were not sure where to begin. So they enlisted our services to help them determine their strengths and vulnerabilities.

An IT team of one quickly takes control of 400 vulnerabilities.

Organizations are inundated with hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities every year. After years of experience, we know most organizations can only patch about 1 in 10 (10%) vulnerabilities discovered in their environment based on resource capacity.