We believe until every
organization is cyber secure,
no one is.

This is why Democratizing Cybersecurity® is critical.

Cybersecurity for all isn’t just something we talk about. It’s our passion. What we strive to achieve every day. In order to do that we think unconventionally. Break the norms. Think outside the box. Our eyes are on the prize and that means achieving security for the little guys, the mid-size ones, and yes the big guys too. Everyone is on a level playing field. Together going up against the bad guys. And we’re winning day in and day out. No longer do you have to be a giant company to be cyber secure.

If you’re connected like most businesses need to be today, you deserve to be secure. It’s not a privilege. It’s a right. And Assura is dedicated to making that happen for your organization. Now for some the democratization of cybersecurity may seem far fetched. But that’s what we’re creating for businesses all across the country. Protecting their data and their customers’ data by making the industry’s best cybersecurity both attainable and approachable without settling for less.

Our tenets aren’t just
something we reference.
They drive everything we do.


Our vision is to safeguard the future, one client at a time. We believe people have a right to live without fear, to have their data protected, to keep what’s personal private, and that security is a right, not a privilege.


These five values serve as core principles for running our entire business at Assura. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves and changes, we promise these values will remain.

Walk the Talk

Actions speak louder than words. All Assura employees share and uphold the responsibility of bringing our values to life. We can actually do everything we say.

Own the Outcome

Each of us owns the outcome of our actions to the client. There is no throwing it over the wall after our part is done. We are fully responsible and empowered to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of the client and our colleagues.

Sweat the Details

The details are the difference between mediocre service and exceptional service. Our employees will think outside of the box to exceed client expectations every single time. That starts with analyzing every minute detail to uncover the best path forward.

Eat Our Own
Dog Food

We use the products we represent and follow the same advice we give our clients. We’re confident in what we do because we know from experience that our security solutions and products work.

No A-Holes

We’re invested in the success of each other internally and our clients externally. There’s no room for mediocrity, excuses, or negativity. We have a learning and teaching culture that guides the way forward to best benefit all stakeholders.

Only guarantees in life are death,
taxes and cybersecurity.
We deliver on that last one.

Dedication to our clients is one of our core values. Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean our commitment to support your organization’s security comes to an end.

If you get audited, Assura has you covered. Our AuditArmor® Audit Defense Guarantee means that we guarantee our work to be compliant with the identified cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory requirements (unless waived by you). We defend our work at no additional cost. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, we’re that confident in the quality of our work. We have you covered from entrance conference to exit conference and will work with your auditor or regulator to defend our work. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free. It’s that simple.

The leadership team
behind our promises.

Karen Cole
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer
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Although Karen grew up on a farm in Virginia, her family nicknamed her, “the black thumb of death” when it comes to plant life. So obviously that lead to a career in IT, not horticulture. She was a cybersecurity practitioner long before it was cool. Many call her a unicorn because she’s a real, live female cybersecurity CEO who paid her dues in the industry. That’s why Karen is passionate about grooming the next generation of security professionals. When not running Assura, she bakes cookies and banana bread that would make Gordon Ramsay weep with joy, and spends time with her 2 kids, and some guy with a beard.

Joshua Cole
Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer
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Josh was one of those kids in high school who was staring at a computer monitor rather than having a social life. Fortunately, he parlayed all that time sequestered from humanity, hopped up on Mountain Dew and Funyuns, into an IT career that started at 17-years-old. In 1996, Josh shifted his career focus to cyber security because of his crush on Sandra Bullock in the movie “The Net”. These days, Josh spends his time teaching people how to fight bad guy hackers, flying airplanes, and spending time with his wife (the CEO of some company) and 2 kids.

Brett Bajcsi
Vice President of
Service Delivery
Bryan Carnahan
Governance Risk and Compliance
Technical Director
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Bryan isn’t just our extremely talented GRC lead but also an avid 3D-printing hobbyist. He creates all sorts of things out of thin air like gadgets, tools, components, and anything else interesting just for the fun of it. When Bryan’s not 3D printing a replica of the Millennium Falcon, he and his wife are hanging out at the park with their pooch named Peach, watching the turtles bask in the sun. Bryan likes to think of the turtle as his spirit animal because they share a similar relaxed vibe. To dial up his adrenaline and freak out his inner turtle, Bryan tries to hit the ski slopes when he can to snowboard down a mountainside at ridiculous speeds. Dublin is one of his favorite places in the world to visit, but Bryan and his wife now have their sights set on taking a holiday in Japan for some Eastern culture and fresh-catch sushi.

David Mizell
Defensive Security Operations
Managing Director
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David isn’t a risk taker. He’s a managed risk taker. That’s led this Air Force veteran to jump out of perfectly good airplanes for fun, ride in a Black Hawk helicopter across Iraq and Kuwait, and let a buddy convince him into going canyoning in the Austrian Alps, where he swam, slid, and rappelled down a roaring mountain stream. When David isn’t managing his risks, he’s managing work-life balance with his wife and children. What’s the next big adventure? He’s always wanted to wrestle an alligator in the wild. Just kidding. Actually, growing up in Idaho, David took an interest in travel over potatoes, and he looks forward to getting back to exploring the planet again soon.

Kay Powers
Director of Business
Nick Berrie
Offensive Security Operations
Technical Director
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When Nick isn’t hacking computer systems for the benefit of our clients, you can find him cracking puzzles like Rubik’s Cube, solving wooden brainteasers, practicing the guitar, or juggling—and we’re not just talking about his various responsibilities. We mean actual juggling of balls, bowling pins, chainsaws. Ok, maybe not chainsaws (at least we hope not). Nick initially pursued a career in law enforcement but was later seduced by the lures and intrigue of cybersecurity. Which still allows him to use his innate crime-fighting abilities for the forces of good. Nick and his wife look forward to traveling abroad to explore many European and Asian destinations in the not-too-distant future.