ProDefense™ XDR: Quickly secures a global company’s all-new virtual call center.

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A U.S. government contractor tapped a global company that specialized in workforce mobilization and staffing to create and staff a call center. Typically, this would not have been a significant challenge. However, this happened at the peak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which meant the data center needed to be 100% remote while still being 100% compliant with Federal cybersecurity regulations, seemingly incompatible requirements. Assura had the solution.

The company reached out to Assura for help because they knew it wouldn’t be easy meeting the government contractor’s security requirements. If the staffing company were to set up the virtual call center, they needed to comply with all the necessary standards and regulations, including NIST Special Publication 800-171 and NIST Special Publication 800-53.

An additional challenge was simplicity—getting employees set up in the system needed to be a quick and seamless process. This requirement was critical for onboarding new employees and keeping existing employees productive. If anyone had any issues with their technology and needed a replacement system, the setup had to be fast.


Assura’s ProDefense™ XDR was the answer they needed. 

Assura leveraged our ProDefense™ XDR product to quickly deliver security and compliance to the staffing company’s virtual workforce. We created a security architecture that made it possible for employees to be shipped a laptop preloaded with all the necessary programs to do the job. They were also able to log into the government contractor’s network safely. With all the security controls required by the government in place, the remote employees just needed to have a WiFi signal, and the virtual call center was up and running. 


With ProDefense™ XDR in place, the staffing company successfully launched and maintained the virtual call center, meeting all regulatory requirements. When the government agency affiliated with the contract later contacted the company seeking a report on their security controls, it was a quick exercise. Because we engineered this solution with security compliance top-of-mind, they were able to hand over the reports to the agency, and the inquiry was over. 

The staffing company’s ability to deliver success for the government contractor built trust and strengthened their partnership, resulting in working on additional projects together.  

Big picture: 

ProDefense™ XDR can be an asset for any organization. 

It provides infinite scalability, control, visibility, and compliance for various use cases. And because it is an all cloud-based platform, it can deliver security anywhere in the world. This powerful solution provides configurations control, threat blocking, threat detection, content control, continuous monitoring, and more. 

How ProDefense™ XDR sets you up for success.  

  • Safely expand your talent pool outside your geographic area
  • Free up your IT staff to focus on strategy and the day-to-day demands
  • Productivity never suffers because an employee can be up and running in as little as twenty minutes on a new, secure system
  • End users never have to connect through a VPN to ensure full security of their systems

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