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Watchdog and first responder for critical systems and data.

Assura’s managed SIEM with the power of stellar Cyber OpenXDR. 

Experience the future of cyber defense — where Assura’s expert insights and Stellar Cyber’s innovative
technology converge to protect your organization like never before. Unlike network monitoring which only looks at performance, Assura’s managed SIEM identifies and protects against cyber threats 24/7/365. Bad actors don’t take time off from their attacks, so it’s critical you’re just as diligent with your defenses. We harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed by our experts with eyes on glass to hunt for and detect threats to ensure that actions are taken swiftly to mitigate any malicious activity—delivering rapid notifications of Service Level Agreements (SLA) for critical alerts. Searching for security monitoring and response services to stay compliant? Our SIEM affordably checks that box with packages to fit any budget.

Packages that Meet Any Organization’s Need


Quickly gets your SIEM up and running.

  • Managed log collection and monitoring
  • AI and human-based threat and alert with analysis
  • One hour critical alerting during business hours and basic reporting


Enhanced SLA and cybersecurity insights.

Includes everything from “Kickstarter” in addition to:

  • One hour of critical alerting outside of business hours
  • A dedicated portal with a reporting dashboard and analytics
  • Root cause analysis, monthly service reporting, expert trend analysis, and service check-ins


Stops threats to critical assets dead in their tracks. 

Includes everything from “Kickstarter” and “Sentry” in addition to:

  • AI-driven threat blocking

All Assura SIEM Packages Deliver These Benefits:

  • Active threat hunting to identify suspicious activity for investigation
  • Correlations to identify known suspicious behavior
  • Live threat intelligence feed to detect indicators of compromise
  • Provides initial incident response and mitigation
  • Gives you peace of mind that someone is watching over your systems
  • Simplifies security and compliance reporting
  • Reduces time and expenses associated with security audits

Top 5 Reasons Assura + Stellar Cyber Deliver a Highly Effective One-Two Punch.

Reason #1:

Assura’s Personalized and In-Depth Managed Services:

  • Provides a concierge delivery model
    with dedicated SOC analysts.
  • Ensures a deep understanding of the
    client’s environment.
  • Reduces false positives, and offers more
    contextual insights.
  • Guarantees all services will comply with
    applicable cybersecurity regulations.
  • Provides full support during audits with
    Assura’s AuditArmor® Guarantee.

Reason #2:

Advanced Threat Detection and Response with Physical and Virtual Sensors:

  • Enhances security operations by extending
    capabilities to the network’s edge.
  • Decreases mean time to detect (MTTD)
    and mean time to respond (MTTR)
    to threats.
  • Offers a more proactive stance against
    potential security incidents.

Reason #3:

Log Port Data Collection: 

  • Reduces the load on your IT infrastructure.
  • Eliminates the potential for conflicts
    with existing security tools.
  • Reduces the overall system footprint.

Reason #4:

Extensive Integration Capability:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with
    leading EDR, firewall, IAM, cloud, and
    productivity tools.
  • Enables a more comprehensive and
    unified security posture.
  • Ensures that all aspects of an
    organization’s environment are covered.

Reason #5:

Automated Incident Correlation and Analysis:

  • Utilizes purpose-built deep learning
    models and curated correlation rules.
  • Automatically correlates related alerts
    and logs.
  • Turbocharges threat hunting and
    incident response.

Trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) SIEM Partner.

Assura’s managed SIEM service natively integrates to protect your workloads in AWS. We ingest VPC flow logs, CloudTrail logs, ALB and ELB logs, GuardDuty, CloudWatch alarms, and more. Our capabilities include user discovery within your AWS account, delivering comprehensive oversight into user access and actions. Coupled with our MDR solution, you’ll have complete visibility and defense for EC2 and K8s workloads, plus data protection for S3 buckets.

If you're in Virginia, are you in compliance with the
new SEC530 standard?

Deadline to comply was 3/31/24.

This new information security standard establishes a cybersecurity and risk management baseline for Commonwealth of Virginia agencies, commissions, and authorities. SEC501 to SEC530 introduced over 100 new controls, reflecting the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. If you need help navigating these requirements, we’re here to help. Please reach out with any questions and check out our SEC530 Cheat Sheet.

Compliance and security for any industry.

Guaranteed compliance with the following standards and regulations.






CMMC (RPO) Registered provider organization




ISO 27001/27002

ISO 31000


IRS 1075


NIST SP 800-53

NIST SP 800-37

NIST SP 800-171




SSAE-18/SOC 2 & SOCfor Cybersecurity

State-level data breach reporting and cyber security standards and data protection laws

If you get audited, Assura has you covered. Our AuditArmor® Audit Defense Guarantee means that we guarantee our work to be compliant with the identified cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory requirements (unless waived by you). We defend our work at no additional cost. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, we’re that confident in the quality of our work. We have you covered from entrance conference to exit conference and will work with your auditor or regulator to defend our work. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free. It’s that simple.

How we’ve helped to protect industries like yours.

Protecting a university’s network against both hackers and a student workforce.

A university approached Assura with a unique challenge that most other organizations don’t have. Because they employ students to help run various aspects of the school, they needed a way to ensure these work-study employees didn’t accidentally put the university’s data at risk.

Virginia municipality discovers a dangerous backdoor.

With attacks on municipalities on the rise, a midsized county in Virginia knew it needed to improve its cybersecurity posture. The problem was they were not sure where to begin. So they enlisted our services to help them determine their strengths and vulnerabilities.

An IT team of one quickly takes control of 400 vulnerabilities.

Organizations are inundated with hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities every year. After years of experience, we know most organizations can only patch about 1 in 10 (10%) vulnerabilities discovered in their environment based on resource capacity.