Assura Named one of the Top 10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Consulting/Service Companies of 2019 by CIO Review Magazine

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We are very proud to announce that CIO Review magazine named Assura as one of the top 10 most promising cybersecurity consulting/service Companies of 2019!

In 2020, cyber attacks are commonplace, sophisticated, and severe and cyber security now has to be a core component of business and government operations. Innovative tools and techniques to protect from cyber attacks have become the need of the hour. From stolen credentials to cloud misconfigurations to remote access tools (RAT), attackers are targeting anything that can cause significant damage to organizations and hinder organizations and their technology providers from carrying out essential functions. This requires organizations to step up their game dramatically and Assura is leading the way.

Karen Cole, Co-Founder and CEO of Assura stated, “we are honored to be recognized by CIO Review for our service innovations, client focus, and white glove delivery. Businesses and governments need an advocate for cyber security and regulatory compliance and we’re proud to be acknowledged by our peers.”

“Governments and private sector businesses deserve to have a strong advocate for their cyber security and compliance posture and we’ve built our managed security and strategic advisory services to meet that mission,” added Co-Founder and CTO Joshua Cole.

The emergence of new, more malicious ransomware attacks, sophisticated in-memory and file-less malware, and the continued effectiveness of social engineering have led to more sophisticated data breaches and business disruptions. Organizations need to be aware, alert, and agile, to be able to tackle such new and emerging problems. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies are rapidly taking over cyber security services and becoming an integral part of organizations’ defensive solutions.

Assura is bringing those sophisticated solutions that protect organizations from ransomware, substantially strengthen the security of the nation’s elections, protect our schools, ensure patient care, and safeguard our nation’s critical infrastructure.