Disaster Lady Tip – Keeping Food Safe

Question to the DL: I’ve been looking at ways to disinfect what comes into our household. I have washed the outside of bananas, avocados, tomatoes with warm soapy water before peeling and even wipe down packaging such as cereal boxes and plastic packaging for other foods. Is this something we should all be doing or I’m I being paranoid? Also, is vinegar a disinfectant?

Disaster Lady Answer: While there is currently no evidence that you can catch COVID-19 through food, you are doing all of the recommended practices for washing your vegetables and wiping down packaging from the grocery store! :> Just make sure that when you wipe down the packages, you are using something like a disinfectant wipe. That said, vinegar is a great cleaner to get through grime and grease, but it is not a disinfectant. As far as being paranoid, I don’t think you being cautious is paranoid. You have some really good practices in place. Thanks for asking! :>

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