Providing Cyber Security for Everyone

Assura started in 2007 with one mission – to make cyber security available for everyone and not just the big companies with big budgets. We believe security is a right and not a privilege and people deserve to have their sensitive data and systems protected.  We defend our clients from attackers by helping maintain a safe, secure, and regulatory compliant technology environment.

Managed Security Services

Handle it for me…

Our “easy button” managed services make sure you’re completely set up for cyber security success.

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Project & Advisory Services

I have a cyber security project…

Our project and advisory services provide customized assistance from our acclaimed team of experts to meet your cyber security needs.

Advisory ServicesAdvisory Services


I need cyber security products that get the job done…

We “eat our own dog food”, and that means we only bring tools to our clients that we battle test in our own services.