Be Your Own Cyber Security Superhero with Assura

Everything we do at Assura is designed for you to win against hackers and make you look like a superhero — to your boss, your stakeholders, and your customers. Whether your a cyber security novice or have been in the fight as long as we have, Assura has a service that’s right for you.

Defense & Response Services

Do you have a cyber emergency such as a data breach or malware outbreak and don't know what to do? How about an audit or compliance request? We have you covered. Assura's Defense and Response Services are perfect for organizations that don't have the people, time, or energy to get out of the "soup." Let us help to get you back to a new (more secure) normal.

You’ve had a data breach or malware outbreak and you need it fixed yesterday. We got you! Assura can get you back to normal and better than before.​
Don’t have time to deal with auditors? Afraid that you will be forced to do more than your organization can deliver? Let Audit Defense come to the rescue!

Managed Security Services

Assura's Managed Security Services are "easy button" turn-key services that meet the needs of small-to-mid-sized organizations. Don't need or want to hire full-time cyber security staff? We provide enterprise-grade security at a predictable monthly cost.

Our flagship Security-as-a-Service does the all the work to build and maintain compliant cyber security programs for a fraction of the cost of hiring. Our Virtual ISOs sweat the details so you can focus on your business!​
Let our experienced and dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) give you peace-of-mind knowing that we’re catching the bad guys for you 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.
Our Artificial Intelligence driven technology halts threats in their tracks and stays one step ahead of the bad guys by securing your endpoints and servers.​
Let us protect your website from defacement, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, and site hijacking.​
Turn your team into Cyber Warriors with our Security Awareness and Training services. You’ll love the results!​
Make sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time to prevent data breaches and protect your reputation.
Assura’s industry first Ransomware Protection Pack™ is a comprehensive suite of technologies and methods that catches and neutralizes ransomware before it takes hold.

Project & Advisory Services

Whether you're a small organization or a multinational enterprise, our project and advisory services provide customized assistance from our acclaimed team of experts to meet your cyber security needs.

Advisory Services for Governance, Risk and Compliance that are up to date with regulatory requirements and backed by our compliance guarantee.
Find out your true resistance to cyber attacks. Let our crowd of white-hat hackers put your security to the test.
Identify and manage cyber risks to your organization. Don’t be blindsided by an attack or a data breach.
Find out your true exposure to cyber attack with our threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment services. Have you been breached and don’t know it? Do you know where your security weak points are? We’ll find out for you.
Your custom applications need security too. Close the door on security weaknesses and open the door to more reliable software for your business.
Let us help you design and implement sustainable protections that allow you to take proactive measures against security threats.