Security Monitoring & Response

Holistic, end-to-end security monitoring to ensure your network is always protected from potential threats.

Data hacks are only getting worse for businesses everywhere. The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, taking 280 days to identify and contain. Can your organization afford something like that?

Not having the right protections to identify and address threats in real time can put your organization in serious jeopardy.

Why Is Security Monitoring & Response So Critical?

Cyber criminals don’t care about your hours of operation. The right security monitoring and response service should be active and ready 24/7 to identify, prevent and mitigate any and all attacks threatening your network, and more importantly, your organization’s ability to operate.

For many organizations, having an effective security monitoring and response service also is mandatory for staying compliant. Whatever regulation your organization is tasked with following, you need to ensure your security monitoring and response service fulfills all pertinent compliance requirements to avoid costly penalties or audits.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Security Monitoring and Response Service

Choosing the right security monitoring and response solution is imperative. Avoid these common pitfalls as you evaluate and identify the right one for your organization.

  • Network monitoring is not the same as security monitoring: Both serve critical functions, but your network monitoring service will not identify and prevent cyber-attacks. These two should complement – but not replace – each other.
  • Security monitoring and response doesn’t have to be expensive: Be wary of any “off the shelf” solution. Every organization’s cyber security needs are unique. The right solution should be scaled to be meet your network’s existing needs and capable of growing with your network.

Assura’s Security Monitoring and Response Service – Hackers Don’t Stand a Chance

Assura’s 24/7 Security Monitoring & Response service is the watchdog and first responder for your critical systems and data. Have a regulatory requirement to perform security monitoring? We have you covered. Our services comply with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST Special Publication 800-171.​

As part of our Security Monitoring & Response service, we utilize AlienVault, an award-winning platform that combines essential security controls with the world’s largest crowd-sourced threat intelligence community, making effective and affordable threat detection attainable for resource-constrained IT teams.

Assura’s Security Monitoring and Response includes benefits such as:

  • Immediately identifying suspicious activity for investigation
  • Providing initial incident response and mitigation
  • Giving you peace of mind that someone is watching the security of your systems.
  • Simplifying security and compliance reporting
  • Reducing time and expenses associated with security audits
  • Flexible subscription options to meet the needs of the smallest organizations or largest enterprises

If you’re not actively monitoring your IT environment for attacks, you’re fighting cybercriminals with a blindfold over your eyes.


  • 24/7/365 or 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM business day notification of your systems and networks — we’re on the job even while you sleep!
  • 1-hour notification SLA for critical alerts
  • Recurring vulnerability scanning and analysis to identify weak points where attackers may strike
  • Simplified security and compliance reporting to meet government regulatory requirements and keep your auditors happy
  • Reduced time and expenses associated with security audits
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Plans & Features

Our Starter Package
Instant Managed Log Collection and Monitoring
24/7/365 Monitoring
AI-based Threat Alerting
Human Analysis of Alerts
1-hour Critical Business Hour Alerting
1-hour Next Business Day After Hours Critical Alerting
1-hour Next Business Day SOC Response Time Guarantee
Internal Vulnerability Scanning
Real-time Threat Intelligence Integration
Basic Reporting
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Stop threats to your critical assets!
24/7/365 Monitoring
AI-based Threat Alerting
Human Analysis of Alerts
1-hour Critical Alerting Any Time Day or Night
1-hour SOC Response Time Guarantee Any Time Day or Night
Up to Unlimited Data Sources Actively Monitored*
Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning**
Real-time Threat Intelligence Integration
Dedicated Portal with Reporting Dashboards and Analytics
Custom Reporting
Root Cause Analysis
90-day Immediate Availability of Log Data
365-day Cold Storage Availability of Log Data
Monthly Service Reporting Conferences, Expert Trend Analysis, and Service Check-ins
AI-driven Threat Blocking and Orchestration
10 Hours of Remote Forensic Analysis Services per Month
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