Assura won’t abandon you at your time of need.

Dedication to our clients is one of our core values. Just because a project is completed doesn’t mean our commitment to support your organization’s security comes to an end.

In the rare event that you are audited because of one of our deliverables, Assura has you covered. Our AuditArmor™ Guarantee means:

  1. We are available to answer questions about our work at any time
  2. We ensure that our deliverables are compliance with identified standards
  3. That we defend the deliverables at no additional cost. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, we’re that confident in the quality of our work. Assura will work with the auditor to remediate the issue until it’s been resolved. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free too. It’s that simple.

Our Audit Defense Guarantee is included with all Assura deliverables for our clients. Check out the cyber security services we offer here.

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