Advisory Services Overview

Whether you’re looking to update your security policies or survive a computer system hack, Assura has dedicated staff to ensure our clients get the attention and outcomes they need.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

At Assura we provide Advisory Services for Governance, Risk and Compliance that are up to date with regulatory requirements.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) forms the backbone of an effective cyber security capability and is tied closely to the way that organizations oversee strategy and operations.

A GRC framework for cyber security provides the leadership, policies, procedures, and analysis necessary to drive security protections and ensure regulatory compliance. This is what regulators and auditors want to see and provides your organization with a defensible position in a legal action. Assura’s experts make this a painless experience by taking you through a guided, time-tested process that results in a cyber security program that protects your reputation, your organization, and your personal goals.

If you need help determining your strategy for managing issues of Governance, Risk and Compliance, contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Assura’s deep expertise in regulations such as:

  • ISO 27001
  • NIST
  • CJIS
  • CMS
  • SOX
  • and an alphabet soup of other regulations…

…means that we guarantee every bit of our work. The biggest risk to your organization shouldn’t be choosing your GRC partner.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

You can’t protect what you don’t know is in danger, and you can’t build defenses if you don’t know what you’re defending against.

Assura’s threat and vulnerability assessments use the latest tools and technologies from partners such as Veracode, AlienVault, and IntSights to weed out the noise and identify what you should really be worried about.

Our vulnerability assessments use tools from blue chip brands such as Qualys, Tenable, Veracode, and Risk Based Security. And, unlike some companies, we don’t just hand you reams of vulnerability data and an invoice. We identify trends and actually tell you how to fix the issues and in what priority based on the context of your business and threats. This gives you information you can act on, not just a mountain of data.

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Our tools include:

Penetration Testing and Red Teaming

How can you be sure you can withstand a hacker? Assura’s penetration testing and red teaming services puts us in the role of an ethical hacker trying to compromise your systems using the same tools and techniques the bad guys use.

A penetration test attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in both your IT and human defenses (called “social engineering”) to test your cyber security measures and the knowledge of your people to defend your systems.

A red team exercise involves testing your response plans against an active cyberattack. If you identify that we’re attempting to breach your security, you put your processes into action in an attempt to stop us. We then try another type of attack to circumvent your response and so forth for the duration of the exercise.

Both penetration testing and red team exercises help identify previously unknown vulnerabilities in your IT and security engineering. Your organization will be better prepared to withstand attacks from the real hackers before they get in

Not sure what cyber security service you need? Assura is here to answer all of your questions and find the best solution to meet your individual needs. Contact us now

Security Engineering

Our security engineering is created to ensure client flexibility, integrity and privacy of customers’ data.

Assura’s talented security architects guide customers through the confusing maze of products and technologies to build and integrate security into your IT environment.

We’ll help you build a resilient IT infrastructure, enable multi factor authentication, deploy enterprise encryption, beef up security for your mobile devices, or securely adopt cloud services.

We’re experts in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT architectures. We leverage the tools and technologies that already work well in your environment to develop solutions that are right for you and your organization.

We know that clients need access to personnel who can help design cyber security controls such as identity and access management, security monitoring, encryption, firewalls, and other technologies.

At Assura we can ensure your organizations cyber security, and guarantee it stands up to regulatory compliance with our guarantee

Application Security

Assura’s Applications Security service helps organizations build security into software from the beginning. We provide the tools, training and processes to take organizations security practice to the next level.

Attacks against web applications represents the number one way that cybercriminals breach data. Why? Because it’s easy.

Assura’s experts provide the training and tools needed to write and build applications that protect data, your reputation, and your business in a way that allows your developers to keep building amazing applications

Assura can show you how to easily integrate secure coding practices, automated susceptibility analysis and a policy-based approach to susceptibility remediation that aligns to your business imperatives.

Do you think all of this security will slow you down?  Not with Assura. We can leverage automated tools that integrate testing and reporting into platforms you use every day (IDE’S CASE, GRC tools, etc.).  We help you integrate secure development into web-based, standalone and mobile applications in a variety of languages..

If you want security that fits your software development style for the long term, learn about our managed services.

Audit Defense

Audits. Nobody likes them. They’re only slightly more fun than visiting the dentist or the DMV.

However, audits are a necessary part of life, and when viewed as a tool to ensure that you are doing the right things to keep your data protected and your organization away from regulatory sanctions, they can be very beneficial.

Our audit approach is to provide reasonable recommendations while treating you with respect and compassion while maintaining our independence.

We can also help you if you’ve been “gifted” with an audit by an auditor who isn’t being reasonable or is getting ready to lay a whole bunch of material weakness findings on your organization.

Not everyone realizes what their rights are in an audit and since we’re auditors, we can help keep you from making mistakes that put you or your organization in an impossible position.

We’ll help guide you through a process that will make the auditors happy and won’t break your organization or the bank. Contact us to talk with one of our staff members.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments answer two questions: what could go wrong; and why should I care? It is why all cyber security regulations and standards require them.

Assura can assess your operations and technology for risks in a way that’s meaningful to you and your organization.

You’ll have the information you need to prioritize your cyber security investments that result in the best protection, not the protection that costs the most.  Just buying tools usually results in throwing away good money. A risk assessment from Assura gives you a cost-effective roadmap for how you defend yourself against hackers.

Assura’s experts are so adept at assessing risk that we teach masters level courses and present at conferences on the topic.