Audit Defense

Audits. Nobody likes them, but they are important. Who are we kidding? They are only slightly more fun than visiting the dentist or the DMV…

Got a request for an audit meeting or need to provide an audit response and don’t know what to do? Let us help with our Audit Defense service!​

At Assura, we understand the importance of audit, but know not everyone is as excited about it. Do you have the time, energy, or knowledge needed to be successful in getting auditors what they need in a manner that they understand? Many don’t so that’s why we created our specialized Audit Defense service. ​

Our expert consultants (who are certified auditors) help our clients to prevent common audit response mistakes that lead to repeat findings and escalated issues with regulators.​

Let us work with you to get the value out of your audit, keep your data protected, and prevent audit scope creep. ​

Best of all, this is all covered by our AuditArmor™ guarantee. We love to make you (and your auditors) happy! Start by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts.​


  • Provides an expert acting as your “audit attorney” working on your behalf
  • Does all of the pre-audit preparation for you
  • Participates in the entrance and conferences
  • Prepares responses for you that address cyber security audit questions
  • Works with internal audit points-of-contact to coordinate consistent responses
  • Collects and tracks data exchanges between your organization and the auditors
  • Provides timely responses to auditor questions and issues to keep the audit moving forward (you need to see the end in sight!)
  • Prevents audit scope creep
  • Ensures reasonableness
  • Handles communications
  • Negotiates findings and comments
  • Prepares official responses, letters, and remediation plans

Talk to us about our Audit Defense service.

Talk to us about our Audit Defense service.