Listed below are a number of resources we trust when looking for help and information during a disaster. With so much news out there right now, it is hard to tell what is legit. Please feel free to reach out to these resources. Also, if you are looking for a resource that you do not see, submit a question to the Disaster Lady at We are adding more resources all of the time, so please revisit this page often!

COVID-19 Medical Resources


  • World Health Organization:
  • Medical News Today: (This is a great resource that pulls from multiple medical news sites around the world. One-stop shopping on medical news! It also shows which medical practitioners have fact-checked the articles.)


  • Centers for Disease Control: or (I am more partial to the site as it is easier to get the information you are looking for about the pandemic.)


  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management: (This resource provides information on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s pandemic response and other crises. You can also find out about any disaster declarations or what Virginia is doing to manage the disaster.)
  • Virginia Department of Health: or call 877-ASK-VDH3 (877-275-8343) to speak with someone directly. (Great information on Virginia’s COVID and other health related disaster statistics. The Governor’s executive orders related to health.)
  • University of Virginia Biocomplexity Institute: (A great resource for epidemic modeling.)


Business & Financial


  • Chief Financial Officer Services: Vermeer Consulting ( (Assura uses Vermeer Consulting and highly recommends them. We searched 10+ years to find a true fractional CFO that wasn’t a tax accountant or bookkeeper.  They will do the analysis and what is needed to give you the financial strategies to get through the crisis.

  • Take control of your finances with Whether buying an annuity to guarantee income for life or selling your structured settlement or annuity payments to get cash now, can help you find the financial solution that is right for you.

Small Business


  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce: (A great state-by-state guide for finding financial assistance. Three Virginia nonprofit and government grant programs featured giving out funding to small businesses today.)
  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce: (The best and most comprehensive page with Virginia specific webinars and other resources available.)
  • Virginia Department of Taxation: (This page has everything about shifts in tax filing deadlines to Coronavirus scams they have identified.

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