Providing Cyber Security for Everyone

Assura started in 2007 with one mission – to make cyber security available for everyone – not just the big companies with big budgets. We believe security is a right and not a privilege. People deserve to have their sensitive data and systems protected.  We defend our clients from attackers by helping maintain a safe and secure technology environment. Let’s Democratize Cyber Security™ together!

Over the years, Assura has become an expert in the complicated world of cyber security protections and government-related regulations. We leverage our expertise to make sure your cyber security withstands the toughest scrutiny from auditors, regulators, and plaintiff’s attorneys. Innovations such as Our AuditArmor™ Guarantee provide our clients with the information and the peace of mind they need to make informed decisions that produce improved business results.

Our staff of cyber security experts are dedicated to ensuring your organization is secure. Learn more about our team here.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to safeguard the future, one client at a time. We believe people have a right to live without fear, to have their data protected, to keep what’s personal private, and that security is a right not a privilege.

Our Values

These five values serve as core principles for how we run our entire business at Assura. As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve and change, we promise these values will remain.

Walk the Talk

Actions speak louder than words. All Assura employees share and uphold the responsibility of bringing our values to life. We can actually do everything we say.

Own the Outcome

Just because the project is over doesn’t mean our commitment to clients stops. If our work for you is ever audited, we’ll own the outcome and defend our work for free. If we have made a mistake, we fix it for free. Our guarantee is no joke.

Sweat the Details

People say “don’t sweat the details” but for us, details are the difference between mediocre and exceptional service. Providing exceptional service requires exceeding clients expectations every single time. Our employees will make sure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Eat Our Own Dog Food

We use the products we represent and follow the same advice we give our clients. We’re confident in what we do because we know from experience that our security solutions and products work.

No A-Holes Allowed

We won’t hire them and we won’t act like them. Our values truly guide what we do and how we serve. So if someone at Assura breaks these values, they’re a straight-up a-hole and that’s not tolerated.

Assura’s Guarantee

Assura won’t abandon you at your time of need.

Dedication to our clients is one of our core values. Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean our commitment to support your organization’s security comes to an end.

In the rare event that you are audited because of one of our deliverables, Assura has you covered. Our AuditArmor™ Guarantee means that we defend the deliverables at no additional cost. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, we’re that confident in the quality of our work. Assura will work with the auditor to remediate the issue until it’s been resolved. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free too. It’s that simple.

Our Guarantee is included with all Assura deliverables for our clients. Check out the cyber security services we offer here.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our Leadership Team

Karen L. Cole

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Although Karen grew up on a farm in Virginia, her family nicknamed her, “the black thumb of death” when it comes to plant life. So obviously that lead to a career in IT, not horticulture. She was a cyber security practitioner long before it was cool. Many call her a unicorn because she's a real, live female cyber security CEO who paid her dues in the industry. That’s why Karen is passionate about grooming the next generation of security professionals. When not running Assura, she bakes cookies and banana bread that would make Gordon Ramsay weep with joy, and spends time with her 2 kids, and some guy with a beard.

Joshua A. Cole

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Josh was one of those kids in high school who was staring at a computer monitor rather than having a social life. Fortunately, he parlayed all that time sequestered from humanity, hopped up on Mountain Dew and Funyuns, into an IT career that started at 17-years-old. In 1996, Josh shifted his career focus to cyber security because of his crush on Sandra Bullock in the movie “The Net”. These days, Josh spends his time teaching people how to fight bad guy hackers, flying airplanes, and spending time with his wife (the CEO of some company) and 2 kids.

John's Headshot

John Brightly

Vice President of Service Delivery

When not contemplating the selection and tailoring of appropriate information security controls for our valued clients, John spends as much time as possible spoiling his 6 grandchildren (who are all obviously fluent IT users). John can always be counted on to put a smile on your face, whether it’s pranking the CEO of Assura, turning the tables on determined hackers, or promoting an office “sleep study” when the boss is away. (He’s kidding, Karen.)

Proof We Know What We’re Talking About

Case Studies

Case Study: State Government

Combining recovery plans for Business Continuity and Information Security Programs

Case Study: Local Government, County

Working together to manage information security throughout all levels of government

Case Study: State Government

Finding all the sensitive data to protect before the hackers find it